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Nightlife in Dushanbe: Clubs, Discos

Night club dancing party Dushanbe is quite active though limited to basically five night-clubs of different ‘calibre’.

There are three main clubs: Port Said, Dior, and Vastan – alongside the Rudaki Street. You can get some feedback on them at

Most of the party animals would be migrating between Port Said-Dior-Vastan from Friday to Sunday.

Hyatt is quite often the place for a change with some expensive disco even at western standards.

And of course a new place called ‘People’ next to Asia Grand Hotel is an alternative to Port Said-Dior-Vastan route. But People has some specifics to ‘face control’ which is even different then Vastan.


1 Ismoili Somoni Avenue (100 meters from the President Palace).
phone: +992 37 224-88-02

Port Said

14 Rudaki Ave.
phone: 224-88-02
Open: 08.00 – 05.00


Restaurant, Disco
88 Rudaki Ave.
phone: 221-56-16, 224 -09-36
Open: 12.00 – 02.00
Closed on Monday

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