Badminton Federation of Tajikistan

Badminton Federation of Tajikistan (BFT) welcomes all of you to be part of Olympics, by taking up this sport you are giving your children and yourself a chance to be among the elite and best of sport. Your children could be Asia Champion, World Champion, Youth Olympic Champion and Olympic Champions in the coming years if you give them a chance to start now.

BFT is looking out to from its National teams this year so give you children a chance to be part of the Tajikistan Badminton National team, they will travel abroad and play in international tournament.
The National teams will be in various categories as given:

  • Under 9 years,
  • Under 13 years,
  • Under 15 Year,
  • Under 17 years,
  • Under 19 Years,
  • Under 25 Years 
  • Above 25 years.

These teams will have a chance to go out of the country and compete in tournaments is other countries.

Parents register your children and give them a chance now.

If you’re an EXPAT and interested in play badminton and keep yourself fit or you would like to learn the best place is the Badminton federation of Tajikistan, come and join our players club in the federation.
It is a social club comprising mostly players from diplomatic missions and international organizations in Dushanbe. We usually play from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm. Announcements are made when the game is on.
You need to come in badminton kit and bring your own rackets and shuttlecocks. If you don’t have your own then we will lend you ours for two weeks. Small amount of fee is paid for use of the hall on a monthly basis.

For further details please send an email to or call 988912000.

Address for Training and Coaching Kalenin: 

The International Presidential School, Kalenin 

101, Karamov street, Sino District, Dushanbe city.

Timing and Days:

  • TUE: 15:00 TO 19:00
  • THU: 15:00 TO 19:00
  • SAT: 15:00 TO 19:00

Social Media:

Please register NOW Email: or CALL 988912000.